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Birds are beautiful creatures, and most of us love looking at all the blends of colours in them. They look beautiful in the wild, particularly when you hear their chirping sounds and songs in the morning. However, they may become a headache when they enter your house and are not ready to leave. If this has happened to you, you may be wondering why these birds fly into your home?

Birds may come into your house after becoming confused, to find food or shelter, escape from predators, and to shield themselves from bad weather.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a house, apartment, or caravan, there is always a chance that you may have a bird come in. In this article, I look at the reasons why.


Birds have to search and hunt for their food in their natural habitat, and a houseful of food can make an easy meal. Birds find it very attractive when they figure they may get food from your house. Food pieces lying around your home may attract birds as it’s an easy meal for them.

Don’t feed birds next to your kitchen as they will get into the habit of visiting the area and may find a way to sneak into your house. Many people will shake the tablecloth with crumbs outside the back door, bringing birds close to your home. However, feeding them away from entrances to your house is acceptable.

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Peacock in window

Escape from predators

Every organism on earth is struggling for its survival. In the wild, predators are always on the hunt for their prey. Birds, similar to other animals, also remain alert and active against predators. Some birds will feel safer from predators when inside your house.

Lights misguide birds

Migratory birds fly long distances, particularly during nighttime during fall and spring. Artificial lights heavily light our cities and houses, and these lights confuse birds. Birds may deviate from their path toward those lights, considering them as their resting points. Unfortunately, lights attract birds into our houses as well.

Lights are dangerous for birds, as they may crash into windows and buildings and die. According to an estimate, one hundred million to one billion birds die every year due to collisions with buildings.

This concerned scientists, and Audubon started a campaign named Lights out so that people can be educated and motivated to keep unnecessary lights off at night, especially during bird migrations. This will help a lot in the survival of birds, particularly birds that have a high conservation concern.

Safe shelter

All living organisms want to have a shelter to protect them from harsh conditions. Birds find our houses as better and safer shelter as our homes will give them the protection and warmth they need.

Shield against harsh weather

Birds living in open areas are vulnerable to harsh weather conditions like rain and heat. Our houses feel like safe heavens for them when they find air conditioning or heating systems. The warmth inside our homes attracts birds.

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Nesting site

Birds prefer to build their nests in safe places. Although they find safe places for nests in the wild, they are prone to the dangers of predation and climatic conditions. Our houses provide them with a place for building nests without these worries.


Birds see the reflection from our glass windows and perceive the space as an open area in front of them. When we see inside a glass window, we know it is present, but birds do not interpret it the same way. Birds fly into the window, considering it an open space. Sometimes birds get into your house simply by mistake as they don’t interpret the space as our house.

How do birds enter our houses?

Birds usually enter your house from any opening, which may be small. They may enter from an open door or window, from your chimneys, and through ventilation systems. You may not even notice when the bird makes its way into your house.

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What to do to stop birds from entering your house?

  • You may install mesh to cover your windows.
  • It would help if you tried to participate in the lights out program, which will save birds and help you keep birds out of your house.
  • Cover your chimneys with chimney covers
  • You should not leave any food lying around as this attracts birds inside your house.
  • Be vigilant that all the doors and windows are properly closed, and there is no entrance available for birds.
  • You may install statues of predators of birds like scarecrows, cats, or snakes to keep birds away from your house.
  • Shiny objects can trick birds into believing they are the eyes so that they will avoid that area. You can place aluminium foil or hang old CDs in your yard.

Now you know why birds are entering your house and how you can avoid it. Try to take precautionary measures to prevent birds in your home and for the betterment of birds. They may not know it, but we do, and our actions can save these beautiful creatures.

Superstitions about birds entering houses

There are different beliefs and superstitions about birds flying into houses. These beliefs are not new but have been around for ages.

  • One of the beliefs is that a bird entering the house is an indicator that the family will soon receive a message.
  • Those who believe that a bird carries a message believe that the bird’s colour signifies the sort of message. A white bird, for example, is thought to foretell impending death. Remember that a white bird might not inform you that someone is about to die. It might symbolize the demise of a concept or a way of life. It might signify that change is on the way.
  • A blackbird symbolizes that the family may experience bad luck in the future. The red colour is associated with passion, but seeing one in your home might signify danger or fire.
  • According to another belief, birds flying inside your house indicate spirits residing there.
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